Stonewall Hinkleman

— 10 Questions for further study

1) Who is Ashby named for? What did he do?


2) Bull Run was the first real battle of the Civil War, but not the first time shots were fired. When did the fighting really begin?


3) Why do they often call this battle the First Battle of Bull Run?


4) Dupree really wanted to kill Sherman. Why? What’s the big deal about Sherman?


5) The bullets some soldiers used were called Minie Balls, but they weren’t shaped like a ball. So how did they get that name?


6) Why did Tom only have one arm?


7) Were teenagers as young as Stonewall really allowed to participate in the battles? See if you can find a picture of one online?


8) Benjamin Franklin seems to have figured out the Tempests. Possibly they are connected to his experiments with electricity.  In real life, what exactly was he doing with electricity? Did he actually discover anything?


9) Was Stonewall Jackson a Yankee? Maybe so. Check out his hometown.


10) If Dupree ends up going back in time to the Second Battle of Bull Run, which events could he change to effect the outcome of that battle? How could Stonewall stop him?

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