Stonewall Hinkleman

About The Book

Stonewall Hinkleman & The Battle of Bull Run is a time-travel thriller for kids.

Stonewall Hinkleman (yeah, that’s his real name) hates participating in historical reenactments with his Civil War–obsessed parents. And they drag him to one every weekend. He can’t play his Game Boy but he has to play his stupid bugle (’cause he’s a bugle boy—how lame can you get?) to lead the battle charges. Who wants to pretend to fight in some old war anyway?

But one day, Stonewall finds himself transported back in time to the actual Battle of Bull Run. It’s not pretend anymore. Worse … he’s not alone! Mr. Dupree, an ardent Confederate from Stonewall’s time, has also traveled back in order to change the outcome of the whole Civil War. Stonewall needs to use all of his knowledge of the battle to stop Dupree and save the course of American history as we know it.

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